June 6, 2012

wordy wednesday: entry #11


so here are some words on indifference inspired by my pastor's sermon last Sunday.

"the soldiers sat there and continued watching Him."
- Matthew 27:36 

context: this took place during the the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, who was being sacrificed so that we, sinners, could one day be in heaven with our spotless and perfect God.

message: are you a christian that lives to sit back and watch?

when Jesus was on this earth, he helped a very good number of people, but every single one of them, including His closest followers, just watched Him die.  many churches these days have the problem of indifference. but it starts with its members.  so many people are content in their own salvation that have grown to not care.  it should be obvious that this is such a big problem.

well maybe that person is saved... surely someone else will get to them before i have to... they wouldn't even listen to me if i tried to explain... do they even deserve my time?

if you don't care, then who will?  God has intrusted a job to you.  stop being indifferent.  care about others.  care about what God has done for you.  make time for what you need to make time for.  stop being selfish & proceed with passion!

have a wonderful wordy wednesday!

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