February 16, 2012

awkward & awesome thursday: memories edition

{October 2011}
- that time you wear slick shoes going down marble steps and slip then tumble all the way to the bottom of the stairs while making desperate squeaking noises against the marble trying to redeem yourself and make back up to your feet
- realizing that you just fell down the steps behind possibly the most attractive man on campus & yes he noticed { and stopped to ask if you were ok, ugh more awkward in that i'm practically drooling when i manage to say "yes i'm fine," i should have said "no"! }
- that moment when your out shopping and you start talking to your mom with a red coat on but she indeed turns out to be a random shopper impersonating your mother, the eyes 
- trying out mattresses when you are in the market for a new one... it's weird laying on those things with people watching you!!
- asking for decaffeinated tea at a restaurant {way to show you're high maintenance mackenzie!}
- interrupting a bride dancing with her cousin {who she doesn't get to see very often} during the dollar dance, then realizing they were in the middle of taking a picture, i felt so awkward and awful!
- being a skunk for halloween

- getting a car for my 16th christmas {thanks mom & dad!!!}
- France & Spain trip after graduating high school {pictures will come... i need to reminisce!}
- becoming a big sister to a little miracle
- rooming with my best friend
- learning i was cast as Dorothy in our high school's rendition of the Wizard of Oz {having NO acting experience lol... this was somewhat awkward as well but it was SO much fun}
- all those youth trips with my church
- "junking"/antiquing with my mom and two grandmothers

sometimes there are just some awkward & awesome moments you'll never forget!!

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