February 2, 2012

awkward & awesome thursday

{this week has been more awkward than awesome... but it's the story of my life, so enjoy!!}
-  when my professor's lab demonstrations seem like they could be really cool and then they all fail, so then they really demonstrate nothing
- being asked a question in a 350 person class.  being thoroughly warned that i could get called on. soon giving up trying to decipher said question, figuring that the odds of being called on are quite slim. then being called on and only having the answer "i don't know" to offer to my awesome teacher, who's next speech is about how coming to class and taking notes is simply not enough and that we need to engage our minds... it's not that i didn't want to answer the question with flare but i couldn't understand it to begin with, i'm sorry!
- getting brushed on the sidewalk by a cyclist!  i mean really it could have been less awkward had he just asked me to move, but nope, he slowly passes me then brushes my arm all while he is trying his hardest not to completely lose his balance and fall on top of me
- that moment when you get up enough courage to talk to a fellow classmate in the lunch room that was in one of your classes awhile ago by saying," you were in my psychology class right?" and they respond with "yea, like a long time ago!" and proceed to not talk to you while they eat by themselves, can you say OUCH! lol
- curly hair attempting be straight on a rainy day
- coughing... constantly... in public

- heated blankets!!
- not working on saturday!
- the big bang theory
- okay i'm not much of a reader but i love it when i find a book that will keep me up all night because i want to finish it!! {another trait of my obsessive behavior lol}  that said, i strongly recommend The Hunger Games! it's beyond awesome!
- The Hunger Games motion picture being released 7 days before my birthday... a birthday outing is being planned as we speak, more details to come, your all invited by the way! ;)
- singing a song you wrote in front of... people!  it's an amazing feeling!
- all the people who give you encouragement after the performance of your song!! you all are awesome, thanks!  it means a lot!!

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