February 10, 2012

life in facebook montage...

there are SO many pictures that i love to go back and look through!! and the weird thing is that most of them are on facebook!! haha.  i think it's because you have access to everyone's pictures of you.  you get to see yourself in light of someone else's memories as well of your own!!  anyways, since i didn't have a long time to talk to you guys today i thought i would show you some pics of the young me, me with my friends, and doing things i love!! so enjoy!  do you ever like to waste time reminiscing?!

from this picture you can see:

- what color i bleed (it's blue by the way... GO CATS!!)
- who my best friend is
- that i'm dramatic
- what my sister looks like (some people say we could be twins except for the hair - i hope she forever stays blonde!!)
- that i love to perform and where i am most comfortable is on stage
- glimpses of some of my happiest days
- how important friendship is to me

see if you can match them to the appropriate picture {they may be used once or multiple times ;) }

i promise to be a little more bloggy next week, it's been a crazy time!!  :)

happy Friday!

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