February 27, 2012

there's my sunshine

68 & SUNNY

today was amazing in the great city of lexington, ky.  i haven't done awkward & awesome in awhile so i thought today i would do sort of an "awesome" post because i'm in such a good mood!

why today was sunny:

- the sun was literally out & shinning, there was a slight breeze, i wore a shirt with short sleeves, my $5 sunglasses, & NO jacket!! {this is amazing for kentucky because it's february & we are suppose to be shoveling snow right about now}

- got my astronomy exam back, got an "A"... what is this madness?!?!?!?!  jesus must love me!

- i was motivated to clean out my car so i could put the top down {i didn't want months of parking papers -not tickets, more like vouchers lol- flying out on the road not to mention all of those receipts I have kept from when i get gas}

- that said-- i drove the first time this year with the top down!!

- i got to cash two checks this week {apparently i hadn't received my check from almost a month ago but hey two checks is awesome for one week, especially now that you have money you hadn't thought you lost to begin with-- like finding 5 dollars in a pair of jeans that just came out of the wash!}

- i went to target and successfully purchased a case for my phone {the first stage of creating a DIY fan case for the Hunger Games!!  another post will soon follow on this project!  don't worry, you will understand!}

- i bought a spring-sh backpack at target as well!  perfect for those stylish days when i don't want to carry a whole lot to class & just be cute! :)

- hamburgers, fried potatoes, and sweet tea for dinner!

- somewhat of a homework free week to look forward to!  YAY!

this week has started off SO great!  it's just what i needed!  a little bit of sunshine to remind me what i'm here for & to remind me that i CAN do this college thing!  i'm sure these feelings will be short lived but i know God is thinking about me because i REALLY needed a day like today to brighten me up!!

i hope your monday was just as blissful!  but if it wasn't i'm sure you will have one soon when you need it the most!!

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