February 20, 2012

a monday of change

so today i got a hair cut!! and there is only so much you can change about short hair, so i changed the  BANGS!  i was so nervous, a year ago i would not have even considered doing this to myself because i was convinced i couldn't pull it off!!  i'm still on the fence but i needed to mix things up a bit!  so i took a chance!

{i'm no model!  these are cracking me up!}

this totally took my mind off the three finals that i'll be taking in the next couple of days but brought to my attention that tomorrow it's suppose to rain and i'll be taking my mini hair straightner just to fend off from the curly mess that my new bangs may become!! lol, wish me luck!!!

today was a monday of change for me, what was it for you?!?

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