February 3, 2012


not too long ago i found out about this AMAZING app for the iphone.  it allows you to take pictures or use existing ones and edit them right on your phone with different filters and blurs and frames.  then you post them to your feed.  it's called instagram and i'm sure every single person on the planet knew about it before me... but i'm slow with these trends.  i love it!  it's like facebook but just for pictures!  i haven't made too many instagram pics yet but i'm pretty sure you could tell about your day through your newsfeed if you didn't mind holding up your phone and taking pics every few minutes in front of people.  {i'm totally paranoid about what people think, i'm still trying to figure out why that is}

anyways i've made a few posts to my feed and you can see them all here.  that said there will be a photo challenge on here soon for instagram!  i'm excited, it should be fun and you can participate too!  but more ideas need to be generated, so stay tuned for more info on the "mackenzie instagram challenge"!!

until then, Happy Friday!!

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