February 8, 2012

you may be asking: where has she been?

{taken by jessica}

i've been...

- getting so far behind on homework because of this little book series called The Hunger Games {finished the trilogy today btw and i haven't the slightest clue what my accounting teacher talked about today because of it!!}
- stressing out over my first exam this week... boo accounting!!
- contemplating a break from college... possibly an indefinite break
- writing songs in the shower, of the love story persuasion, when i indeed have no man... depression
- playing guitar so much that my fingers hurt {a sign that i need to play more often... bring on the callouses}
- worrying about catching up on said homework
- planning Spring Break 2012!! Red Velvet here i come, elsie be there or be square!! lol {only kidding about the square part}
- working... people gotta have their chicken!!

sorry i've been absent for a bit and for the interruption of wordy wednesdays!!!  what have you all been up too?

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