March 8, 2012

awkward & awesome thursday

finally! i have found the time to let you in on some more awkward & awesome!!

- the waiter at longhorn calling me batman because i was wearing a batman shirt... yes i'm wearing the batman shirt but i'm not 4 years old & i don't actually think i'm batman!
- wind + up do = down do  {yes, my hair... it started out good & then it just wasn't}
- posting instagram photos of yourself waiting to "Draw Something"  :)
- realizing you are driving a lime green beetle with happy little flowers in the vase on your dash while listing to some hard core rock music blasting out the windows {looks were given & received by my fellow drivers}
- helping someone with their exam (the teacher said it was ok, i hope): he gets a 53 you get a 67 {seriously? way to bring your A game Mackenzie}
- scheduling classes for this summer and next fall with a different adviser {prayer request for my real adviser- she's sick and on medical leave :/ }
- trying to cook with the big thing of morton's salt because we don't own a shaker... i always pour way too much and things way to salty!

- green beans, corn, fajita seasoned chicken, and biscuits
- while we are on the subject of food:  the chocolate stampede at longhorn & my roommates famous honey bun cake!!
- a C on my statistics exam!! YES!! mediocracy is SO underrated!
- "Draw Something" for iphone and android... play me... now!
- instagram march-photo-a-day-challenge
- 10 followers!! YES!  i love each & every one of you!!
- 1 day until SPRING BREAK {i'm going nowhere but NO SCHOOL!!!}

have an awkward & awesome day!!

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