March 12, 2012

a day of random


Nana'a House in the A.M. : we had great fun catching up, we spontaneously were productive and got ALL of her christmas decorations tucked away in the basement {she usually leaves her tree up all year round but i guess 2012 is gonna be different :) }.  we had a home-cooked meal: chicken with gravy, bread, & spinach salad {which i've found we both dislike regular ice-burg lettuce! coolness, i'm not alone!!}.  and some new vintage lovelies came home with me from nana's basement!  today was great nana!!

Broke Out the Blog Make-Up : you might have noticed some changes around here!  i needed a change up & worked a big part of the day on the new design, i hope you like!!

Family Meal Time : mom cooked meatloaf {i won't eat anybody else's, mom's is AMAZING!}, corn pudding {had it for the first time, DELISH}, peas, mashed potatoes, & butter rolls.

Demolition : i started taking apart a projector that came from nana's with dad.  we are determined to get thing up and running!  after the running is accomplished, the next step is to purchase some 16mm film & 16mm camera, silent family home movies are going to be involved!

The Bachelor : what in the world just happened?  oh well! lol.  i'm looking forward to Emily's bachelorette season!!

my monday was awesome, i hope yours was too!!

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