March 30, 2012

becoming vintage

... i will graduate from college with honors
... i will be a light to others
... i will decorate a house
... i will write 1000's of more songs for Him
... i will learn how to play more instruments {bass, piano, & bango are just a few on my list}
... i might find that someone
 ... i will write a book
... i will travel {Venice, Ireland, and London}
... i will have a family {even if it's just me + dog}
... i will be inspired & constantly create
... i will find quiet times to sit & reflect
... i will dance in the rain
... i will laughing, a lot
... i will make a difference
... i will live for God

i have accomplished a lot in my last twenty years
so i think it's safe to say that i have big expectations for the next 2 decades!!

happy friday everyone!!

p.s. it's my birthday today!! yay!

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