March 19, 2012

a spring weekend

i haven't posted in awhile.  and for that i apologize.  see i had this funny thought that i would actually have time to get a hold of myself and post every single day this week, get ahead on homework, and still have time to relax.  to tell you the truth, i don't know where last week went to.  the only things i remember doing is getting frustrated with homework, spending time with my Nana, getting to work 8 and 10 hour shifts on my feet all day long {i salute those who have to do that every single day for a living. i was feeling it, in my knees and my feet, and i almost got to my breaking point where i almost couldn't smile at anymore faces at my register, which is NOT how i like to be}, and finally getting to go shopping!

the shopping was SO much fun.  even though i didn't get to relax much, it was much more relaxing than homework!!  anyways i made some more additions to my closet.  i know this is the only 2012 list item that i can successfully cross off but i am uber excited about getting new clothes that have functionality & style!  so here's the story through instagram {if you follow me on instagram you probably already know the jist of it lol}.

coming into Indiana from Louisville
after successfully clearing out the outlets!

before & after.... and another after!  i love shoes!
the view from our hotel room... perfection
this is how you roll when you have over 600 booths to go through!!
the two items i walked away with: a vintage clip on bow tie & another owl for my collection

my family and i had so much fun!  i think everyone benefited from the trip.  my sis got some shorts, my mom some jeans & an easter outfit, and even my father found some odd tools that entertained him!!  :)

i'm not looking forward to today {school}, so be praying, i'll need it because i'll be wishing i was back in Indiana with more money to spend!

have a lovely monday!
p.s. the Hunger Games comes out this friday & this is me freaking out!!!

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