March 22, 2012

awkward & awesome thursday

{getting ready for saturday!!!}

- asking your friend a question on the bus only to receive the answer silently {by a head nod} from another passenger who was clearly eavesdropping
- trying to open the door to a building when the doors are locked {doubly awkward if you know the store isn't open yet; i was going to get my movie tickets for this weekend and was very anxious}
- playing my guitar & singing when i know it's possible that the walls are beyond paper thin and probably all my neighbors can here me
- concert seating: i was sitting and eating and the guy in front of me stands up with his friends and starts butt twitching in front of me, it wouldn't have been as bad if his butt wasn't quite so close to my face at eye level lol
- getting whistled at by shenanigans in moving vehicles when you are at the bus stop {i mean really your in college grow up}
- asking for a specific mcdonald's toy {really i'm in college and i need to grow up, but the had transformers & i wanted bumblebee lol}
- being very disappointed that they didn't have the toy you wanted at mcdonald's haha
- getting called sweetheart by those who are the same age as me, possibly younger
- avoiding conversations that could lead to discussions of dates with someone you don't know that well and don't really want to go out with
- laying on your stomach face down {i'm doing this right now lol}

- the show New Girl... zooey deschanel, need i say more!
- making new friends!
- only working one day this week
- blue ice-cream at chick-fil-a in order to celebrate the NCAA tourny play {GO CATS!!}
- craft night with the roomy in order to DIY modify school spirit shirts that were free!!
- spring, no, SUMMER weather
- light backpack loads {whoop whoop!}
- writing my first duet!!!
- my birthday is 1 week and 1 day away; what in the world is happening right now!!
- the hunger games!  OMG! one more day after today until i get to watch & be completely speechless!

i know that was a lot but a lot has happened since my last A&A!
happy awkward and awesome thursday folks!

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