March 28, 2012

DIY: no-sew one-shoulder team spirit shirt

so about a week ago, a local TV station was giving away free t-shirts at a local car dealership in honor of the start of the NCAA tourny play {if you haven't noticed, KY basketball is kind of a big deal}.  so after work, i decided to mozy on down to the dealership and get me some t-shirts!!  i didn't expect it to be a big deal, but boy was i wrong!! i ended up waiting 35 minutes to get the shirts, but it was worth it!  the shirts were cute & my car was on television for like 5 seconds! lol

but i got an xtra-large & large shirt.  neither my roommate or i could where these shirts, so i decided it was DIY time!!


1}  try the shirt on & take note of how much you need to cut off in order to get the right fit.  note: you need to leave about 1 in. or an 1.5 inches of extra material to do the "no-sew" part on each side of the shirt.
2} flip the shirt inside out & cut off the extra material from the bottom.
3} with the shirt still flipped inside out, cut the sides of the shirt.  if you would like a more feminine fit cut the left side of the shirt in a ")" curved shape and the right side in a "(" curved shape.  this allows for a curved fit.
4} be cautious of the sleeves.  if they are huge then you will need to cut off some of the material from bottom of the sleeve.
5} while the sides of the shirt are still aligned cut the strips for the "no-sew" portion of the shirt about 1 - 1.5" long and as thin or as thick as you want, all the way up both sides.
6} tie up each pair of "frillies"   (you don't necessarily need to tie up the sleeve that you intend to cut off but you may want to tie up the curve of that sleeve little a bit)
7} after you tie up the sides flip the shirt right side out and try it on.  make a decision on how you want to cut one of the shoulders off.  i cut along the collar and then did a slight curve to the armpit of the opposite sleeve.
8} cut off the the sleeve
9} try on the shirt again.  if the side where you cut the sleeve off is too loose, then make the top "no-sew" stitch tighter by cutting the "frillies" longer for that stitch and re-tie the knot.

voila! a refurbished team spirit shirt! that is stylish and functional!  enjoy & as always comment with any questions and let me know how i did!!

have fun!

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