March 20, 2012

truth is

... i look like a monster when i wake up in the morning
... but i love taming the beastly mess of my hair {lol}
... that i'm sick and tired of getting weird looks when i decide to dress up & go to class, back in the day women had to get corsetted up and draped in layers of fine clothing just to take a walk outside, so leave me alone!
... there are seriously about 6 girls wearing coral jeans today in my Econ class, i wanted them before kate the duchess of cambridge ever walked outside in them!!
... i wore heels today as a part of the "dressed up" theme, and while thinking about all the people staring i almost went down like sandra bullock in Miss Congeniality... i recovered but i'm hoping no one saw me LOL
... instagram is my best friend
... i successfully watched my first red box rental {In Time was actually pretty good!}
... i actually cooked last night
... i got a compliment on my phone cover of mr. Peeta Mallark this morning{warm & fuzzies}
... & died a little inside when i looked at his face & realized it's only 3 more days until the Hunger Games is on the big screen!!


1 comment:

  1. I am totally freaking about the Hunger Games!! Not only does it look beyond the realm of awesome it gives me one more series of movies to obsess over and will help me in the time of twilight ending! You know what they say the only way to get over one series ending is to adopt another :) okay that's puppies but it will work here too!

    All your clothes/shoes are cute! And, I saw you on your dressed up day and I'd just say those who stare are jealous, haha!