March 5, 2012

diy: custom iphone case

{onestep polaroid iphone case}

so i have to tell you the story...  i wanted to make a "team jasper" iphone case for my mother.  however all the design websites online won't let you use celebrity faces in your designs because they would be essentially selling the image without the rights to it.  this made perfect sense but put a damper on what i truly wanted to surprise my mom with.  so my dad and i made a project out of the gift.  we found away around this minor obstacle & in the process made custom cases WAY more affordable!  today, i'm letting you in on the secret.

you will need:

{a computer & printer}
{some shears or other cutting device}
{the griffin "reveal" iphone case}

step 1.  measure the case.

i used the measurements 4.54 inches tall and 2.28 inches wide.  but when we cut the image out it was a tad too big.  so i would try 4.5 inches tall and 2.26 inches wide.  make the judgement call when you measure your case but just keep in mind that it needs to be small enough to fit inside the case but big enough to not be bumped off center when you carry it around.
step 2.  select & trim the image.

use your computer to select an image from the web.  you can just print the image after you find one that suits your fancy BUT it is much easier to trim & crop your image to the right size in an image editing program.  it doesn't have to be anything fancy i use the "mask image" feature in "pages" on my mac but i'm sure you can use "word" or "photoshop" {if you're fancy,  trust me i'm broke & jealous}.  after you find the image then crop it, print the image.

step 3.  cut the image to fit in your case.

you will need to round the edges and cut out the camera whole {cutting the camera whole works best with an exacto knife}.  it's probably easiest to place the case  down and trace through the camera whole onto the back of your image after you cut the excess paper off of your picture.  your image should look something like the image above after you are finished cutting it down.

step 4.  finishing touches.

put your freshly trimmed image inside the case.  if the picture overhangs the camera whole take some time to trim it again.  after that... voila, you're done!!  enjoy your new awesome custom case!!!

just a few notes.  you can find the griffin "reveal" case in black at target however there is one silmilar in white at walmart, both should work.  you may find some other cases that may work as well but just make sure they have a piece of clear plastic on the back to hold your image in place.

if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!!
have fun & good luck!

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