March 26, 2012

thoughts about this weekend

{hello my name is katniss and this is my sister prim and we are here to serve all of your church consignment sale needs!}
 - weekend, where did you go?
- consignment sales are fun... but i couldn't seem to shake the Chick-fil-a voice,"I can serve the next guest down here!!"  "And it's my pleasure!"  it's just so engrained at this point!!
- i cried {poor Rue}, i laughed {silly Effie}, i fell in love {call me Peeta}, i fought {pretending to be Katniss}, and i screamed in the theater {stupid genetically engineered dogs!!... THAT was embarrasing}
- i'm left with my mind on a movie like the Hunger Games & then am expected to be ready for 3 exams??
- saw the first breaking dawn teaser trailer, can you say EPIC?
- props to my dad for getting back on the horse after training... he hovered his baby at home yesterday!!  baby steps, baby steps.  {confused click here!}

my weekend was pretty much AMAZING, how was yours??

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