March 1, 2012

closet addition wishes: the spring line up

i want to start blogging about style more.  i think jessica paired with this spring weather that we've been having in the horse capital of the world has really excited me about all the spring styles that are just around the corner.  so my closet additions for this spring will definitely include:

- denim -

{from a beautiful mess}

- colored shoes -

{from eat  sleep  cuddle  }

- stripes & pleats -

{from Beata K.}

- floral print -

{from jessica chronicled}

as you can see, i have some work to do!!  but once i go shopping i'll be keeping my promise to myself to re-style my closet & to add functional pieces to my fashion selections!  i mean that's a valid reason to spend my pay-check right? lol

happy spring wishes!

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