March 9, 2012

a proud moment

meet my father's third child:  N162KT.  unfortunately this child couldn't follow the "M" trend. lol.

ok, the first thing my peers ask when they find out that their is a helicopter in the family is: "what are you rich?"  and i reply, "absolutely not.  us Phillips's just have a way of making our dreams come true!"

i heard stories of my dad covering his room in aluminum foil, build functional things out of nothing, and he has always enjoyed flying.  he was never able to become an astronaut or pilot, he needed to take over the family business.  but if you know my family, we are not easily stunted.  my dad bought this helicopter in pieces and built it from the ground up.  i don't know how long he spent saving up for it.  i was about 11 or 12 when the big crates arrived at our door step.  the first months were taking inventory of all the parts.  and the following months were watching videos on what to do and what not to do when putting it together.  months turned into years because my dad could only spend his "spare" time on it.  2 hours here, 1 hour and 30 minutes there.  he said it took him 5 years to complete it after he started the building process.  i tell you all this because it's a big part of my dad's {and his family's, including my, life}.

so after years of hard working, writing everything down, checking & rechecking, inspections, and tests he finally is getting trained to fly the beauty!!  he was out in missouri getting trained this passed week but now that he is on his way back home i just keep thinking how proud i am of him and how lucky i am to have him as a daddy!

dear dad,
i love you.  you can do everything and anything you want.  you are the one i go to when i'm in the middle of a project for help.  and you tell me how to rethink problems and how to build things.  you would always let me help on home improvement tasks even though it took you twice as long that way.  you get frustrated but never give up!  i'm proud of you!  have fun and be safe and live the dream!!
your older little girl

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